De Woensdagfoto: The Kippax, Maine Road

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2 Reacties op “De Woensdagfoto: The Kippax, Maine Road

  1. William van Holsteijn

    Wat een fraaie foto, die kende ik niet en had hem dus ook nog niet!
    Vraagje, was dit écht The Kippax-stand? Volgens mij was de vervanger van deze tribune The Kippax-stand.

  2. Yep………………. ook dit was de Kippax-stand. Toen ik in 2001 bij City-Fulham was stond die hoge all-seater er. Beter bekend als ‘the new Kippax’ 🙂

    The Kippax was one of the best known and vocally active terraced stands at Manchester City’s Maine Road Ground. Originally “The Popular Side” its name was changed in 1956 when the club gained planning permission to build a roof on the stand to shield fans from the rain.[1]

    The Kippax was unusual in that unlike in most other grounds, this area of passionate support occupied a full side rather than an end of the ground. In the summer of 1994, due to the Taylor Report, the Kippax was demolished. A new all seater stand was built in its place and opened by City legend Bert Trautmann in October 1995. It housed 10,178 seated fans, had three tiers and was at the time the highest stand in the country.[2]

    The club left Maine Road in May 2003 and relocated to the City of Manchester Stadium, with their old stadium being demolished in early 2004.This of course bought the end for one of City’s most loved stands, The Kippax. Unofficially the East stand in the new stadium is also named Kippax.

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